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ClearVision, TNA UK DVD Distributor Files For Administration

We can confirm that Clearvision, UK DVD Distributor to TNA Wrestling, The UFC, Marvel and many other companies has filed for administration- Equivalent to bankruptcy protection in the US and other countries.

Musing of the major shift were hinted recently when Clearvision released a statement citing that many DVD pre-orders would be refunded. According to records, Clearvision announced to creditors their intentions of entering into administration as far back as December of 2013.

So far there has been no official word on how proceedings with creditors have gone but in a sign that things may not have gone well, Clearvision deleted most of the pages on their Official website including the dedicated TNA website located at TNADVD.co.uk


Awww FUCK!

Such a shame, hopefully someone comes in and can pick up where Clearvision left us!

Clearvision seemed to be a fantastic partner for TNA, The DVDS created by them was miles better than Navarre back in the day!


Maybe TNA will have to go back to the early days i.e creating the DVDs in-house and selling them through their own websites. Untill they can find a suitable replacement for Clearvision, that is if Clearvision cannot get out of the administration process

That really sucks for TNA. If Clearvision go into administration, TNA might now be able to find another DVD distributor in the UK. Clearvision was a great partner.

Clearvision may well go into administration, and resurface under a new name.  Alot of businesses do that.

I could provide a list of suitable DVD distribution partners in the UK for TNA.  But they seem quite relaxed with their DVD releases.  We are already 7 months behind the last PPV released on DVD...

And TNA still haven't commented on their UK distribution deal going down the toilet...


Samoa Joe sat on their stock pile, Kurt Angle's face on all those PPV DVD's doesn't help either.

Tna needs to put out bfg 2013 they only but it out in the UK which sucks

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