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Former TNA Knockout Announces Her Retirement

Former TNA knockout Roxxi has announced that she will be retiring from Professional Wrestling. Her last match is scheduled for December 6 2013 at the Lucky Promotions Pro Wrestling show in Clinton Massachusetts.

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Good luck to Roxxi. I liked her during her time with Voodoo Kin Mafia and then she started doing that shimmy move against opponents.

That's too bad.  I always liked seeing her matches.

Pity TNA never used her properly after they dropped the "voodoo queen" gimmick.  Good luck to her in whatever she decides to do.

Sorry to see her retire.

not a fan. Overrated she was a one trick pony.

What a shame. Probably one of the best Knockouts there was next to Gail Kim, but TNA just messed her around time after time. Her last TNA match against Madison Rayne was brilliant, and shows how good she was to carry someone so average to a great match...
All the best to her in whatever she does.
I always liked Roxxi.

I hope TNA gives her a one off against Gail Kim (since Gail is doing an open challenge gimmick I think) before she retires.


Maybe she could do a last match for the One Night Stand Knockouts PPV

Such a very under rated wrestler roxxi was, she never got a fair shake after all those one off appearances after she was initially released. Good luck Nikki cause you do roxx!

I was never a fan of her, but respected her work. During her time in TNA they used her as well as they could, given the talent and who else was there. It's too bad she didn't stay longer in either of her runs. If she had, we probably would have seen her reach her full potential on a national stage.
I'd like to see her have one final televised match for TNA, against Gail Kim, but I hope to god there isn't another Knockouts Knockdown PPV. That concept needs replacing. Have Gail Kim vs Roxxi on the Hardcore Justice or TNA Reunion PPV.

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